The mission of Coping Dementia Training is to educate healthcare providers, the community, and families about dementia and its behavioral impacts.

Through better understanding of the disease itself, caregivers are able to provide compassion in their care and manage stress associated with the frustrations of dementia management.

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

~ Maya Angelou

Whether you are a family member looking for education as a refuge or a healthcare professional seeking certification, we are here to help you!

Recently I have traveled the path so many of you are currently experiencing. I am currently a caregiver for my mother. Previously I cared for my father as well before moving him into a skilled nursing facility. My personal experience has made me acutely aware of how naive I was to the depth of the spiritual, emotional, financial and physical impact of dementia on the patient as well as the family. My passion was ignited to provide caregivers education and coaching to alleviate some of the despair and offer hope through knowledge and behavior interventions.





Coping Dementia Training Bernice and her Father

COMPANY VALUES. Coping Dementia Training understands and respects each person’s right to honor spiritual, cultural, and educational backgrounds.

Coping Dementia Training Services Include

Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Training

This 8 hour seminar provides a broad overview of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia in relation to understanding and managing behaviors. Healthcare providers are eligible for certification as a Dementia Practitioner upon successful completion of the course.

Customized Group Presentations

Customized presentations are available for any group who is interested in learning more about coping with dementia. Groups include church members, clergy, police, first responders or anyone with a desire to learn more about caring for individuals affected by dementia.

Personal Assessment and Coaching

In home assessment and coaching are available for individual caregivers or families providing care for a loved one. Coaching is most effective with multiple family members present.



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